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Graphic Whizard VividCoater XDC-530 Micro

The VividCoater XDC-Micro is a low maintenance, ultra-

violet cured coating system that produces a high-quality finish to the printed sheet.  By producing richer and more vibrant colors on digitally or offset printed pieces the VividCoater XDC-Micro offers the on-demand print market the opportunity to have more effective and expressive printed products at a very low cost per page.


The XDC-Micro has a footprint that is less than 3’x3′ (100 cm square) so it can be easily moved through any standard doorway and has a variable speed of up to 2700 sheets per hour.


The machine is easy to operate and allows for variable coating thickness control and variable speed control.




  • Vacuum hold down
  • Standard IR
  • Coats stock from 128-450gsm
  • Variable speed, up to 2700 sheets per hour
  • Polished chrome metering and bottom rollers
  • Stainless steel wiper blade
  • Vacuum cooled UV lamp
  • Forward and Reverse controls for easy cleanup
  • Easy set handles for pressure control


Maximum Coating Width:   20.75”/50 CM

Coating Capacity:              9-pound bucket (4.1 kg)-

Covers approximately 5000 sheets



Length: 29.25”/74cm

Width: 35.35”/87cm

Height: 34.25”/85cm


Electrical Requirements:

208/240VAC, 50/60Hz



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