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Yawa MW 1050 Die Cutter

Refurbished by Yawa

Age 2014

A Yawa 1050 die cutter is a machine that can cut and shape paper, cardboard, or other materials using a metal die. It can also remove the excess material from the cut-out shapes using a stripping unit. The Yawa 1050 die cutter has a maximum cutting size of 1040 x 730 mm, a maximum speed of 5500 sheets per hour, and a maximum pressure of 250 tons. It can handle paperboard from 100 to 500 gsm and corrugated board up to 3 mm thick.

Max. Sheet Size:         1050 x 750 mm

Min. Sheet Size:         450 x 370 mm

Max. Cutting Size:      1040 x 730 mm

Inside Chase Size:      1120 x 760 mm

Paperboard:                 0.2 – 1.5 mm

Corrugated:                 < 3mm

Min. Gripper Margin: 8 mm

Max. Speed:                7500 s/h

Max. Stripping Speed:5500 s/h

Max. Pressure             250 tons

Feeding Height:          1400 mm

Motor Power:              11 kW

Power Consumption:  22 kW

Machine Dimensions: 4890x2860x2060 mm

Machine Weight:        18000 kg.

Completely Refurbished by Yawa

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