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Starview Roller Die Cutting RP22-1

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Versatile enough to handle a full range of low to high production requirements. It will trim a wide range of materials such as skin packaged products, thermoformed products, cork, rubber, and any other application where a steel rule die can be utilized.


Max Die Dimensions:

  • Length: Unlimited
  • Width: 23.0″
  • Height: 6.0″

Driven Rolls: Lower

Pressure Rolls Diameter: 5.5″

Horse Power: 1

Average Cycle Speed: 1-4 CPM

Electrical: 208-240V, 3-ph, 8 amps

Approximate Size:

  • Length: 41″
  • Width: 76″
  • Height: 53″

Approximate Weight: 550 lbs


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