Air-Suction Collator
Model VAC-100

Stitcher and Folder
Model SPF-20

Advanced Programming
The VAC-100 is equipped with powerful, easy-to-use programming functions that allow truly continuous production. These programs can be operated independently or together, for top productivity and performance.

In Divide-By-Two mode, the number of stations you have are divided by two. You load the first section, start production, then load the second section. When any one station empties, the system automatically switches over to the second section, allowing you to reload the first section.

Dual Cover Insertion
In Dual Cover Insertion mode, the top two stations are prepared for feeding heavy-weight covers. When one cover station empties, the VAC-100 automatically switches over to the other cover station. This eliminates the need to halt production to reload covers.

Job Memory Settings
The VAC-100 can memorize up to 9 different jobs that are run frequently. For example, collating speed, type of program used, number of bins used, and sensor sensitivity settings are stored in the system memory for quick restart of a regular job.

User-Friendly Touch-Screen Control
Console & Remote Control
The VAC-100 is equipped with a touch-screen display panel that is extremely easy to use. The graphical interface allows anyone in your production area to operate the VAC-100 Collator, without any special skills or training


  • Number of Stations 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 stations (up to six towers of 10 stations each).
  • Paper Weight Range 11 lb. up to 12 pt. cover (and higher depending on grain and stock).
  • Bin Pile Height 2.2″
  • Error Detection Miss, double, jam and bin-empty (opacity photocell), all errors indicated regardless of speed or programming.
  • Production Speed* See inside chart.
  • Sheet Size (Min./Max.) 4.75”* x 5.8” to 14” x 20” *with narrow sheet guide.
  • Power Requirement/Consumption 220 V AC, 60 HZ, Single Phase / 1,700 W, 9 amps.
  • Weight/Dimensions VAC-100 Towers — 639.5 lbs. / 26” L x 32” W x 77” H.
  • Features Operating speeds up to 9,720 sets per hour, advanced programming for non-stop productivity; patented rotary-pulse vacuum feeding system allows for feeding a wide variety of paper stock; all towers can be programmed to feed to the front or rear of the system; touch screen control console; remote control; air stream delivery; job memory storage of up to 9 jobs.


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