Sitma C-740 LT Wrapping & Sealing Machine

Sitma C-740 LT Wrapping & Sealing Machine

SITMA C-740 LT – wrapping & Sealing Machine

• Feeding belt
• Shrink oven with integrated cooling
• Pressure rollers

The SITMA 740 LT was designed as a universal machine for all different kind of packing.
With this machine, it is possible to pack staples of magazines, newspapers, and other products of different heights up to a total height of approx. 350 mm. The sealing of all 4 sides is possible up to a staple height of approx.. 100 mm. Products with an upper height will be noticed automatically and only single banded with a stripe (without side sealing).

Ideally suited products:
Journal packages, newspaper packages, several products of different heights, etc.

Processable packing materials:
Type of packing: side sealing/shrinking
Length min/max: 150 / 500 mm
Width min/max: 100 / 450 mm
Height min/max: 10 / 350 mm (up to 100 mm all 4 sides completely sealed, more than 100 mm: banded)
Products per minute: up to 25 pieces
Product weight: min/max: 100 g / 10000 g

Type: PE
Foil thickness min/max. 30 / 100 mm
Foil width min/max. 150 / 550 mm
Roll diameter max.: 350 mm

Machine dimensions:
Length: 3400 mm
Width: 1300 mm
Height: 2150 / 2300 mm
Height of working table: 800 / 950 mm
Weight: 1420 kg
Length of shrink oven: 1050 mm
Electrical data:
Installed power: kW 33
Connection wire: Ø 3 ˜+ PE 4 x 25 mmq

Compressed air:
(dry, filtered compressed air)
Connecting hose Ø 1 / 2″
Pressure: 6 bar


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