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Ryobi 522 H



Continuous Dampening system

Royse Recirculator


Max paper size:    20 x 14″         (52 x 37.5 cm)

Min paper size:      4 x 6″            (10 x 15 cm)

Stock range:                                 (0.04 – 0.5 mm)


Speed           13,000sph

Weight         3,400 kg


The Ryobi 522H continuous dampening system provides a constant, regulated amount of ink to the paper to ensure color consistency throughout the print run. Using the Royse Recirculator to detect and adjust for moisture levels in the barrier, this machine employs two rollers to prevent ink from drying on either side of the paper. This model can print images on a wide range of paper sizes and has a maximum printing area of 14×20 inches.

Ryobi 522H is a 2-color 14×20″ press. It has continuous dampening system and comes with Royse Recirculator.


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