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Muller Martini Pony 246 5-Clamp Perfect Binder


  • Max size 15 × 10″
  • Min. size 4 × 3.5″
  • Semi-automatic five-clamp perfect binder.-Hand feeding
  • Cover feeder and milling
  • Trim exhausted
  • Hot-melt spine and side gluing.-Control cabin
  • Delivery box
  • Waste extractor
  • Air pump, manuals, all parts
  • Automatic cover feeder with scoring.
  • Max mechanical speed: up to 1500 cycles per hour
  • Spine width: 3 – 40 mm


  • Two Boxes of Glue


Muller Martini Pony 246 binding has 5-clamps with side and front glueing. It also comes with a compressor, waste bag, auto cover feeder with scoring (Suction) hot spine and side gluing. The milling and notching unit waste extractor can up to 1500 books per hours at max b00k size of 350x270x40mm and min b00k size of 140x100x3mm while binding thickness could go from 3 to 40 mm.



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