Mitsubishi Silver Digiplater SDP-Eco 1630 II CTP w/ Rip Computer

Mitsubishi Silver Digiplater SDP-Eco 1630 II CTP w/ Rip Computer

2003 Mitsubishi SDP-Eco 1630 II – Computer to Plate

  COMPUTER TO PLATE SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The Mitsubishi Silver DigiPlate™ System is a complete line of digital polyester and paper plate materials and digital platesetters, perfect for all your short-run 1-, 2- and 4-color work. Silver DigiPlate™ polyester and paper plates streamline your workflow by eliminating conventional plate-making steps saving valuable time and money. Rated for run lengths up to 25,000 impressions, Silver DigiPlate™ is available in sizes and sensitivities for many polyester platesetters and most laser imagesetters on the market today.

  • Min – Max plate size: 229×220 mm – 414×580 mm (16×22″)
  • Speed: First plate – 2 minutes, after that 77 plates/hr.
  • Excellent water receptivity and response
  • Superior resolution and sharper images
  • Excellent ink compatibility, including color and web offset inks
  • Compatible with both sheetfed and web presses equipped with continuous or conventional dampening systems
  • Maximum 175-line screen with 3-97% dot
  • Compatible with PS plate fountain solutions, including low-alcohol or alcohol-free solutions
  • Perfect for one color to process color work such as books, manuals, stationery, business forms, newspapers, coupons, checks, thermography and general commercial printing
  • Developing agents incorporated into plate emulsion for more consistent plate processing


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